Rail, road and maritime transport, cableway or buildings, tcoTrees makes it possible to quickly model a large number of transport networks and infrastructures.

How ?

It’s very simple! tcoTrees contains 7 librairies of generic materials and equipment, whose life cycle is pre-configured.



  • Rolling stock
  • Railway equipment (platform and track, electrical transformation and distribution, signalling)
  • System control

Regional train

  • Electric, thermal and dual mode rolling stock
  • Technical cutting allowing to concretize routine maintenance, industrial activities, renovations
  • Maintenance equipment


  • Diesel, gas, electric, hydrogen vehicles
  • Energy supply equipment
  • Safety equipment


  • Rolling stock
  • Railway equipment
  • Tunnel equipment and security
  • Autopilot


  • Components: motorization, steering, etc.
  • Structure, passenger spaces
  • Maintenance and certification rythms


  • Station equipment: drive, energy, kinematics, etc.
  • Online equipment: pylons, cables, cabin


  • Building equipment (elevators, escalators, heating, etc.)
  • Maintenance equipment (fluids, bodywork, lifting, cleaning, etc.)

What is the source?

Libraries provide orders of magnitude that immediately give useful results for an asset vision. They are compiled by deligeo from public data :

Data compiled by institutional organizations

Results of scientific and technical studies

Communications from technology builders and developers

Publications of local authorities and operators

Monitoring and participation in standards development

Own complementary engineering work

Libraries have shown their relevance in numerous missions carried out by deligeo with local authorities, operators and manufacturers. If the user owns precise data on specific models, deligeo can integrate them into a dedicated library.