For Local Authorities, Operators, Constructors and Engineers, tcoTrees has been designed to reconcile four essential perimeters so as to control technical costs

Inventory and life cycles

Essential to cost control, assets knowledge must be on the right scale: reasonably accurate and accessible to the user.
The inventory can take the form of development scenarios.

Maintenance strategy

Multiple choices must be made for a good assets management. For example: systematic preventive maintenance or conditional? Wait for breakdown? With what internal or external skills? How to precisely size the means of workshops?


In maintenance, it is difficult to imagine a flat budget that would not take into account the specific needs of assets and the conditions of realization. Controlling costs therefore requires a good understanding of their determinants.

Multiannual investment plan

It can be an input data in the form of, for example, network construction scenarios, for which future maintenance costs must be determined. It can also be a result in the form of renovation and renewal investments for an existing network.

Assets inventory

tcoTrees offers a modern interface to guide the user. The assets description is carried out quickly by choosing from a list of materials and equipment of a predetermined library to compose your inventory.

Calculation features

From the assets inventory and operational parameter choices, the tcoTrees software establishes its results using original calculation methods combining deterministic and stochastic calculations (including Monte Carlo simulations), without complexity for the user.


  • In and out
  • Average age
  • Unit of use: km, hours, cycles


  • Preventive cycles
  • Corrective probabilities
  • Renovation
  • Renewals

Operations content

  • Duration
  • Agents
  • Spare parts
  • Taxes


  • Working hours
  • In-house expertise
  • Full-time equivalents


  • External providers
  • Procurement cost

Technical means

  • Workshop track occupancy
  • Number of tracks according to opening hours


  • Downtime hours
  • Hourly allocation


  • NOx emissions
  • SOx emissions
  • etc…

Risk analysis

  • Sensitivity to frequencies and costs assumptions

Results presentation
in dashboards

Dashboards display the results of calculations performed by tcoTrees.
They are composed to adapt to the needs and viewing habits of everyone: technical angle or accounting approach.

Dashboards are interactive and chosen to give you the best visibility.
You can also export them to enhance your slideshows.

Temporal Analysis

Short, medium and long-term forecasts

Heat map

Very visual cross-analyses

Pareto diagram

The classic 80/20


To compare temporal trends

Pie chart

To indentify proportions


The precise figures and
exportable on spreadsheet


tcoTrees makes it possible to take into account the operational use of materials and equipment,
to establish availability and cost scenarios.

  • Modulation of life cycles according to local context
  • Workshop schedules
  • Assignment to internal and external workshops
  • Productivity
  • Sensitivity to maintenance hypothesis


tcoTrees can interface, in input and output, with your information system, via API feeds or spreadsheet imports: CMMS, connected sensors, accounting system.
This makes it easy to compare forecast and realized. For maintenance operations, failures, costs.


We have worked to pre-configure many analyses. Would you like more, in autonomy?
The Expert console allows you to :

  • Choose calculations (operations, intrinsic and operational time, skills, parts, means, availability)
  • Set display options: rounding, stacking, sorting, filters, crossings, tables or graphs
  • Create your own dashboards and libraries
  • Navigate freely through the trees, and edit them



The satisfaction of tcoTrees users is our priority. The use of tcoTrees includes a
messaging and video support. It covers the modeling as well as the use of
libraries and dashboards.


In SAAS mode, tcoTrees secures data and enables collaborative work
tcoTrees is hosted in France on the professional cloud of a European operator. It ensures total sealing between projects.

  • Multilingual interface
  • Fine management of user rights
  • OTP authentication (one-time password)
  • Simultaneous work of several users on the same model


tcoTrees is a very good support to implement maintenance standards.


In particular, the tree design facilitates the use of NF X 60-000 “Industrial Maintenance – Maintenance Function” and NF EN 13306 “Maintenance Terminology”.

The tool also complies with the recommendations of IEC 60300-3-3 “Life-cycle cost assessment” and NF X 50-155 “Life-cycle cost with monetizable and non-monetizable impacts”.